Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees

Make Bob’s Trees Your Family Tradition!


Bob’s Trees has over one hundred acres planted with cut-your-own Christmas trees. We offer Fraser Fir, Balsam Fir, Canaan Fir, and Blue Spruce. We will provide you with a map and saw and send you on your way to enjoy the great outdoors and a day of family fun. Up to 8′ tall cut-your-own trees are $45.00 each. All trees 9′ and up are $55.00. You will be responsible for cutting down your own tree. Please, remember that you will be walking through fields and possibly snow, so dress accordingly. Buckle down your keys, cell phones, cameras, and jewelry. You would be amazed at what has been lost in the fields.


We offer freshly-cut Christmas trees starting the week before Thanksgiving. We cut our trees as they are needed for the yard, assuring you of a fresh-cut tree. Our pre-cut trees are priced according to size, variety and grade. Our Christmas trees range in price from $15.00 on up to $100.00+. Sizes up to 16’ are available. Table trees are $10.00.


Can’t wait for Christmas? Bring your family here in the fall to pre-tag your Christmas tree. The leaves are turning color, the air has that crisp autumn smell, and it is a great time to pick out your perfect tree. You will need to go to the main office and get a map and 2 tags for each tree. Bring lots of things to tie onto your tree; i.e. string, colored yarns, tin pie plates, and anything else you can think of to make your tree easy to recognize. Unfortunately, the Grinch does make an occasional appearance on our tree farm and cuts down a pre-tagged tree. It doesn’t happen very often, and we like to think it is done by mistake. We also know that he is a very lazy Grinch and doesn’t like to take the time to take things off the tree. So, the more items the better, and this way you get to enjoy decorating your tree twice!

Make sure that you mark on your map where you tagged your tree; it is easy to get confused about the exact location and not be able to find your tree when you come back. Occasionally, someone will cut your tree down by mistake (especially after a heavy snowstorm, which can cover the tags), and will let us know what happened. If this occurs, we make every effort to contact you by phone, so that you can have the tree you picked out. Again, the more items you tie on your tree, the less likely someone will cut it down by mistake.

We also welcome pre-taggers to bring and enjoy a picnic lunch at our pond and pavilion across the road from our main business offices. So pick a nice autumn day, soak in some of that warm fall sun, breathe in some fresh country air, and have a relaxing and enjoyable day on us.

Payments accepted: Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard & Discover 
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